Monday, 16 March 2015

Da Vinci 1.0 Counter Reset with Arduino Duemilanove 328.

So I have reached to an end of my 1st cartridge, LCD displays low on filament and eventually you will have change the cartridge when it says 0% filament, but actually there's some more left inside the cartridge box but can not get it out because the machine counter says 0% filament, how do I fool the machine so that I can used all the rest of it?. Counter Reset.
Here is my version of the XYZware and Firmware:

You will need an Arduino Micro-controller, I'm using Arduino Duemilanove 328 and Arduino IDe software installed. Download IDE 1.0.6 from

Once downloaded unzip the folder and from the extracted folder look for the Arduino exe or the arduino icon then double click:

Now you will see the Arduino compiler which look like this:

Next, download the arduino code here, right click "xyz_dv_eprom.ino" and click "save link as" and save it to desktop.
Goto the Arduino IDE 1.0.6 compile, Click "File"--->"open"---> choose file: xyz_dv_eprom.ino

 A new compiler window will appear with the code in it, you can close the other compiler window if you wish to.
Browse through the code line 352:

This is the default settings and we will change it to 240m or 400m by deleting the 2 forward slash to make it active:

and remember to add 2 forward slashes to the previous line (line 3520 or an error might occur.
Once done editing, verify the code by clicking the "Ticked" logo:

when verify finished you will see:
 Connect a USB cable to you PC and the Arduino, now we can upload the code to arduino by clicking "upload" button:

when upload finished you will see this description at the bottom of the screen:

At this instance you will see a yellow LED flashing on Arduino board meaning the code is ready and running:

Use a jump wire lug to 5V of the Arduino:

then another wire to GND:
 and 1 more wire to Pin 7 of Arduino:

All wired look like this:

I used my hand to hold the 3 wires then contact the IC pins accordingly, it is not easy to do by holding the wires with one hand, I would suggest 3Dprint a shell or holder from Thingiverse: 
this will fit in to the space where the IC is located then align the wires to correct position holes:
To be continue...

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